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Posted on December 6th, 2022

Flash Update – Pléiades Neo Launch (Sadly) Delayed

One of our favorite Pléiades Neo images we have seen so far in our time working with the data! This geometric 30-cm image was collected over Fort Lauderdale, Florida on April 24, 2022 by PNEO3 and has been processed by Apollo Mapping for improved image colors. (Image Credit: Airbus Defense and Space)

The much-anticipated launch of Airbus’s Pléiades Neo twin 5 and 6 satellites was delayed due to defective equipment as they armed the Vega C launcher in late November. The satellites are unaffected and are ready for their new launch date of December 20th. Stay tuned for updates as the twins Pléiades Neo 5 and 6 ready for their launch less than three weeks away!

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