Posted on March 2nd, 2021

Featured Product – High-Resolution Video – Nighttime – Mono Jilin-1 Imagery

Did you see the news that we have a satellite constellation in Image Hunter that offers high-resolution mono, video and nighttime imagery? If not, read on and find out more about this exciting new constellation!

With the ability to collect both during the day (a 75-cm KF series image from Los Angeles is featured here) and at night (a 92-cm nighttime image from London), the Jilin-1 constellation never leaves you in the dark. (Images Courtesy: CG Satellite)

Apollo Mapping now offers high-resolution Jilin-1 imagery from satellites owned and operated by CG Satellite. This new partnership unlocks a constellation of thirteen satellites in four different series (i.e. Optical, Video, GF and KF) launched between 2015 and 2020. With a robust archive accessible through Image Hunter, the Jilin-1 product suite includes nighttime, video and mono imagery!

Jilin-1 offers an impressive variety of resolutions from 72-cenitmeter (cm) to 1.06-meter (m). It’s also the only constellation boasting an array of unique capabilities, like 120-second color video collected at 92-cm resolution; and 92-cm color nighttime imagery. Five satellites in the Jilin-1 Video series also collect a 3.68-meter red-edge band for vegetation mapping; while one satellite in the KF series collects data with a massive 136-kilometer (km) wide footprint. With so many satellites in orbit, Jilin-1 revisits the same location up to six times a day, resulting in a robust archive filled with large-footprint images.

Check out some of the interesting specifications that sets the Jilin-1 constellation apart from its competitors:

  • Revisit Frequency: (per satellite)
    • < 45° off-nadir: 3.3 days, Optical/Video series; < 4 days, GF series; < 7 days, KF series
    • < 20° off-nadir: 9 days, Optical/Video series
    • Nighttime/video imagery only: ~ 7 to 9 days
  • Spectral Bands:
    • GF02A/GF02B/GF03A/KF01A/Optical A: panchromatic & 4-band multispectral (red, green, blue, near-infrared [NIR])
    • Video 01/02/03: 3-band color (red, green, blue)
    • Video 04/05/06/07/08: panchromatic & 5-band multispectral (red, green, blue, near-infrared [NIR], red edge); 3-band color (red, green, blue; video & nighttime imaging only)
  • Sensor Resolution: (at nadir)
    • Optical A – 72-cm panchromatic, 2.88-m multispectral
    • Video 01/02 – 1.13-m color (video imaging only)
    • Video 03 – 92-cm color (video & nighttime imaging only)
    • Video 04/05/06/07/08 – 92-cm panchromatic, 3.68-m multispectral; 92-cm color (video & nighttime imaging only)
    • GF02A/GF02B/KF01A – 75-cm panchromatic, 3-m multispectral
    • GF03A – 1.06-m panchromatic, 4.24-m multispectral

You can search for Jilin-1 coverage 24-hours a day by using Image Hunter. If you have any pricing requests, additional questions or would like a price list with Jilin-1 data added in, send us an email at!

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    We are developing persistent Earth Observation capabilities at my company. The tool will be a very high endurance UAV (weeks). Would you have some minutes during the week for a talk on business opportunities? Also would it be possible to have video samples from the Jilin satellites?

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