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Posted on October 4th, 2022

Featured Product – 15/30-cm Stereo Images & 40/80-cm DSMs over Europe & USA

Working with our aerial imagery partner, Hexagon (HxGN), we are happy to offer highly detailed 15-centimer (cm) and 30-cm stereo pairs as well as 40-cm and 80-cm digital surface models (DSMs) from an archive covering much of Europe and the United States.

Both of these elevation/3D products have the same geographic extent as our HxGN 15-cm and 30-cm aerial imagery layers and can be queried anytime on Image Hunter. The optical stereo pairs are delivered in both natural and false color at 15-cm and 30-cm resolutions (as is available in the archive). Here is a more detailed summary of the product specifications for these 15/30-cm high-resolution stereo pairs: 

  • Resolution:  15-cm and 30-cm
  • Geographic Coverage:  Europe & the United States (as available)
  • Spectral Bands:  natural color & false color (CIR)
  • Bit Depth:  16-bit
  • Horizontal Accuracy (XY):  0.5-m RMSE, 1.07-m CE90%
  • Product Format:  GeoTIFF with appropriate stereo models and exterior orientation parameters
  • Coordinate System:  UTM IRTF2008 (Europe), UTM NAD83 (USA)
  • Nominal Stereo Ground Sampling Distance (GSD):  ~20-cm for 15-cm aerial locations; ~40-cm for 30-cm locations
  • Control Systems:  onboard GPS/IMU plus bundle adjustment with ground control points

From these 15-cm and 30-cm stereo pairs, Hexagon has extracted 40-cm or 80-cm DSMs (respectively) which are ready for off-the-shelf delivery. Featuring exceptional horizontal and vertical accuracies, these DSMs cover much of the United States and Europe. Here is a more detailed summary of the DSM product specifications:

  • DEM Type:  digital surface model (DSM)
  • Resolution:  40-cm and 80-cm point clouds (de-noised and intermediate resolutions available too); 5-m raster grid
  • Geographic Coverage:  Europe & the United States (as available)
  • Horizontal Accuracy (XY):  1.2-m RMSE, 2.6-m CE90%
  • Vertical Accuracy (Z):  2X nominal stereo GSD
  • Product Format:  compressed LAZ (point cloud), GeoTIFF (raster grid)
  • Coordinate System (horizontal, vertical):  UTM IRTF2008, EGM08 (Europe); UTM NAD83, NAV88 (USA)

15-cm and 30-cm HxGN aerial imagery coverage, including these new DSM and stereo imagery products, can be searched for anytime on Image Hunter.

If you would like additional details and/or pricing on any of these product offerings, send us an email at and we will get right back to you!

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