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Posted on February 7th, 2017

A Statement from Apollo Mapping on President Trump’s Immigration Ban

“If the ban were announced with a one week notice, the “bad” would rush into our country during that week. A lot of bad “dudes” out there!” 

A tweet by President Drumpf in regards to his immigration and refugee executive order.


Two Syrian refugees try to maintain a sense of normalcy by taking their young boy for a stroll in the makeshift camp near Idomeni, Greece. © UNHCR/Achilleas Zavallis” This image is provided by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and Achilleas Zavallis.

Apollo Mapping is proud to employ immigrants. There are no caveats and this requires no explanation.

We will continue to hire the most qualified candidates without discrimination or bias. We refuse to be those whom we condemn for violence and prejudice towards ‘others.’ We are a people made stronger by our differences, made whole by our collective humanity. We stand against the broad generalization of immigrants and refugees as ‘the bad.’ As Americans, the vast majority of us are the long sons and daughters of immigrants, those seeking shelter and a better life in a promised land. Having secured this promise we now seek to sequester ourselves. Bolstered by fear and self-aggrandizement, we reserve these freedoms and security for ourselves alone. In doing so, our values disintegrate and we forget who we really are and from which we came. So look back, unhindered from self-righteousness, at how America was made great by immigrants like us.

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8 responses to “A Statement from Apollo Mapping on President Trump’s Immigration Ban”

  1. Chris Wiles says:

    Good for you

  2. Gary Moody says:

    You’re a good company…working hard to improve. Your views represent 50% of the country. It’s a shame you feel you need to tell the other (my) 50% how we should think, feel and be shamed if we don’t. I don’t like politics in any form. Especially not this form.

  3. Richard Lanser says:

    My grandparents were first-generation Americans. They patiently followed the laws and did not try to circumvent them. I therefore deplore all efforts to set aside both discretion and the rule of law in our time in favor of “feel good” approaches that ignore the reality that an increasingly dangerous world must be realistically approached, not idealistically. If a lawful immigrant gets killed by a jihadi that crosses our boder because of blind idealism, it is of no benefit to them. Far better to wait three months and be safe, than rush things and die.

  4. Nima Ekhtari says:

    As an immigrant myself, I am happy to read your supportive statement and your stand against discrimination by this illogical immigration ban.

  5. Judith J. says:

    Apollo Mapping deserves respect and consideration for their thoughtful statement. If the individuals who work at the company did not feel strongly about the issue and care deeply about their country, they would not have used this forum to express an opinion. All are welcome to comment, as critical discourse is an important part of the American political system. But an opposing view to one’s own perspective does not automatically equal an assault to one’s values or intellect. Discussing disagreements is the first step to finding a compromise that serves both the greater good and hopefully satisfies the greatest number. On a separate note, the issue of illegal immigration is unrelated to the Executive Order that “bans” refugees with visas and green card holders who were denied admission to the US. These individuals were in no way violating any of our laws. Instead, they followed the laws and worked within the formal US immigration system and were granted permission by our government to enter the country. I support ICE in its efforts to make sure that all who enter our country comply with travel and immigration laws. The issue of illegal immigration is a matter unrelated to Geospatial’s statement, and while the forum they have provided for us to comment on their statement can be used to express any opinion the writer wishes to express, I believe it is helpful when voicing opinions to respond specifically to the matter under discussion so as to best hear and understand people’s perspectives and understandings. In this forum, the matter under discussion is our individual reaction to what we each understand to be the intent and implications of the Executive Order relating to a travel ban from half a dozen countries. We can broaden the discussion to a review of other laws, statues and Executive Orders, but should not combine or conflate one topic with another. Having said that, I will now broaden the discussion and offer my own over arching perspective — which is that we all should agree that only by a disciplined and critical review of the mechanisms that provide for the safe and orderly governing of our country can the consequences — intentional or unintended — of reversing or revising long employed statues and bureaucratic systems be anticipated and critiqued, so that we can be sure we do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. The possibility of undermining what is philosophically extraordinary about our country, as well as the perfunctory mechanisms that help to make our complex economy and infrastructure operate for the benefit of all, is what causes me to fear for the future. There are many like me whose fear is focused on the threat from within: a threat to our values, our prosperity, and our way of life. I ask the courtesy and consideration of all to respect my opinion, as I respect the opinion and words of the staff of Geospatial. Thank you for your attention.

    • Gary Moody says:

      I wasted time commenting. I’m not going to do that again. Your comments are very well written. Everyone knows, it’s not the people with visa’s. Everyone knows that half of americans have more respect for immigration, even illegal….that’s what it’s been for the last 8 yrs, than for U.S. Citizens, including the 9th circuit.

      I know exactly how you feel about the threat from within. I felt that way for the last 8 yrs. I’m just starting to feel better.

      I’d be very surprised if the 9th circuit upheld the ban so, as it’s been for at least the last 8 yrs, even if it’s wrong for our half, your half will get their way.

    • Jonathan says:

      Beautifully stated Judith. Thank you for taking time to author such a well thought out and reasoned statement. I would dispute Mr. Moody’s contention that, “everyone knows, it’s not the people with visas…”. It’s very unclear what everyone knows. For instance, does ‘everyone’ know how extensive the current vetting is or how it can be improved? Did ‘everyone’ who voted for Mr. Trump choose him over this one issue?

  6. Davis Hunt says:

    Let’s see, I believe that this issue has been repositioned by many to imply that President Trump is against immigration. No one is for that, especially the President (after all, his wife is an immigrant). I am with our President in protecting our borders and following the existing laws to allow LEGAL immigration with proper background screening.

    And, I agree with other posters on this forum that businesses that I do business with should keep their business and politics separate. I don’t do business with a political entity but one that offers a product that I would like to purchase. Once politics enter the business discussion with a Vendor that I choose, I choose to take my business elsewhere.

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