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Posted on September 13th, 2016

DEIMOS-1 – A Budget Friendly Landsat 7 Replacement

A 22-meter false color image collected by DEIMOS-1 over San Francisco, California, USA on 5/22/2012. (Image Courtesy: Astrium GeoInformation Services, DEIMOS Imaging)
A 22-meter false color image collected by DEIMOS-1 over rural Minnesota, USA on 7/31/2012. (Image Courtesy: Astrium GeoInformation Services, DEIMOS Imaging)

Are you a regular user of Landsat 7 data but are tired of the scan line errors?

Perhaps you are frustrated by the inability to find Landsat 8 data within the time frame you need?

Or maybe you are working on a regional land-use model that needs low-cost and recent imagery over an entire country?

Whatever your reason is for needing low-cost, medium resolution imagery, DEIMOS-1 is the solution. With a price point below 30-cents per square kilometer (sq km), DEIMOS-1 offers three-band (i.e. green, red and near-infrared) 22-meter resolution as both a new collection and from a growing archive.

Since its launch in 2009, DEIMOS-1 has already amassed an archive that covers more than 1.375 billion sq km. Many locations have data that spans the entire growing season, making it an effective replacement for the failing Landsat 7 mission. And for those who need imagery collected on a regular basis over a wide-area, DEIMOS-1 can deliver with its 625-km wide footprint.

For more information on the medium resolution satellite, DEIMOS-1, you can refer to our website or send us an email at

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