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Posted on September 7th, 2021

Convert Your GIS files with a Single Click on

Geographic Information System or GIS are complex and robust systems that don’t always work well with each other. GIS like ArcGIS, GRASS GIS, and QGIS require intense training and primarily utilize shapefiles. GeoJSONs are open source and popular with developers. GoogleEarth is easily accessible and leans on KMZ/KML file formats. Working between these formats is tricky and often ineffective, adding extra time and frustration to your projects. is the solution to this problem, quickly and easily converting between shapefiles, GeoJSONs, and KMZ/KML. Not only does it do the job better than anyone else, is free!

Here are a few features that make the best solution for your problem:

  • No account required, just input your data and out comes the format you need.
  • Privacy! With no account that means we don’t collect personal data and we don’t store your files.
  • Mixed geometry? No problem. Convert point, line, and polygon files from KMZ formats to GeoJSON and/or shapefiles.
  • You no longer have to use Image Hunter to covert between file types.
  • is FREE!

Converting between GIS files is now easier than ever with!

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