Posted on July 12th, 2012

DigitalGlobe Announces an Extension of 30-cm Aerial Pricing Discounts

We are happy to announce that DigitalGlobe has extended the deep discounts announced earlier this year on their one-of-a-kind 30-cm Precision Aerial imagery database that covers the entire lower 48 states of the USA as well as portions of southern Alaska. This 30-cm aerial orthoimagery was collected between mid-2010 and today in large sections covering entire urban markets and one-degree cells.

These discounts apply to orders of 1,000 square kilometers or more. For more information on pricing, please contact the Apollo Mapping Sales team at (303) 993-3863 or [email protected]. A detailed coverage map of DigtialGlobe’s 30-cm aerial imagery can be found here.


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