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Posted on October 9th, 2012

The First SPOT 6 Image!

Posted on September 13th by Astrium Services, the 1.5-meter natural color image of Bora Bora is impressive to say the least – especially given that SPOT 6 launched into space just 3 days earlier!

We are excited about the possibilities of SPOT 6 when you consider: (1) it can image up to 3 million square kilometers per day; (2) its 60-km wide footprint; and (3) its ability to produce 1.5-meter true natural color images. SPOT 6 also features a blue spectral band which is the first time for a SPOT satellite. When SPOT 7 joins its twin in space during 2014, the constellation will provide daily revisits to every location on the planet with 6 million sq km of collection capacity per day.

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