Posted on September 1st, 2020

Apollo News Snippets – September 2020

Tons of red on this Temperature Departure map for July 2020 – with some of the warmest weather spanning the Tropical region.
  • The July 2020 NOAA climate report shows that the warming trend continues for the 427th month in a row – that is quite a record streak! July 2020 was some 1.66°F (0.92°C) above the 20th Century temperature average, tying July 2016 as the second warmest July on record. Six of the hottest Julys have occurred since 2015 – ugh. And as all of this warming continues, Trump focuses on making showerheads waste more water.
  • Bet you did not know that September 1 is American Chess Day? Well we didn’t either! But regardless, it makes for a fun Google search for the month, “Chess and GIS.” And wouldn’t you know it, there is actually a paper on the topic by Thomas Gumbricht at the University of Witwatersrand! It is an interesting and fun take on GIS modeling as related to a chess game, enjoy J

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