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Posted on September 3rd, 2019

Apollo News Snippets – September 2019

The July 2019 Temperature Departure map is a sea of red with record high temperatures on all continents other than South America. There were small pockets of cool weather in North America and Asia otherwise it was a sweltering month across the globe.
  • The NOAA Global Climate change report for July 2019 is out and well folks, we did it, we set a new monthly global temperature record! This is definitely no laughing matter – let’s be clear, this is the warmest month in the history of record keeping going back to 1880. The global temperature in July was 0.95°C (1.71°F) above the 20th Century average – that is nearly 1 full Celsius degree above average, shocking and scary. Since Trump is so proud of setting records and doing big things, do you think this devastating environmental report/record is one he is proud of?
  • September 8th is Grandparents Day! And in honor of everyone’s favorite relative, my Google search of the month was, “Grandparents and GIS.” And well wouldn’t you know it that someone has used GIS to study the connections between grandparents and their grandchildren – specifically how distance between the two groups can influence the retirement process. Unfortunately the results of Kridahl’s analysis could not be found online but they would certainly be interesting to hear.

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