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Posted on September 14th, 2017

Apollo News Snippets – September 2017

The July 2017 temperature departure map shows large areas of record warmth over Africa, Australia and south Asia; with the only marked pocket of cooler weather over northern Russia.
  • The July 2017 NOAA Global Climate report is out and it confirms that July 2017 was the second hottest July on record, second only to 2016 – and then the hottest July global land temperatures ever recorded. This marks the 41st consecutive July on record with temperatures above the 20th Century average. At least California has decided to stand up to the Trump administration’s abandonment of the Paris Climate Treaty by enacting their own statewide regulations stricter than the US ever considered.



  • In August we explored the resources of New Haven and this month we stay on the East Coast with a look at the GIS resources of Delaware’s second largest city, Dover. And as we have seen recently, the landing page for the GIS department is little more than a place holder – at least it does have some contact info. From this page, you are able to access a collection of online maps here but many of the links appear to be “packaged” and are not specific to Dover; further, the actual map link takes you to a webmap where you need to sign into your account to use the interface. The few maps in the gallery do appear to work – but there is no apparent way to download the actual GIS files used to make these maps.

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