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Posted on October 6th, 2020

Apollo News Snippets – October 2020

Really just a whole boat load of red on this August 2020 Temperature Departure map with big pockets of record warmth throughout Asia and a tiny bit of blue clustered up in Siberia.
  • August was really hot here in Boulder and the August 2020 NOAA global climate report confirms that it was really warm around the world too. At 1.69°F (0.94°C) above the 20th Century temperature average, August 2020 was the second warmest August on record, second only to 2016. It’s also the 428th consecutive month above this temperature average. In fact, the five warmest Augusts on record have occurred since 2015. But on this backdrop of severe environmental degradation, the Trump administration would like you to believe that they care about our world and the world we will leave to the next generation, talk about #fakenews.
  • Who doesn’t like Halloween? So in honor of one of the best holidays we have, my Google search of the month was, “GIS and Ghosts”. And well of course, we never fail to find fun articles as here is one by Lindsey Danielson of the University of Minnesota, Winona who uses GIS to study spatial patterns of paranormal activity. The results of her analysis might scare you
  • Last month we checked out the online GIS resources for West Valley City, Utah, and for October’s review of the second largest city in a state we move to New England and Essex, Vermont:
    Essex, VT GIS Website – unfortunately none exists
    Essex, VT GIS Contacts – we are unsure if this is where GIS expertise for the city lies but it seems plausible based on the department’s job titles

    Essex, VT GIS Web Map – again not seeing any online GIS resources
    Essex, VT GIS Map Collections – this is the closest to a map that we could find on the Essex city website
    Essex, VT GIS Direct Downloads – nope, these don’t exist either

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