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Posted on May 2nd, 2017

Apollo News Snippets – May 2017

The March 2017 temperature departure percentiles map shows pockets of record warmth on each continent other than South America as well as no record cold.
  • The March 2017 Global Climate report by NOAA is out and the records keep coming. March 2017 was the second hottest March since 1880, behind only March 2016 which was the hottest month ever recorded. March 2017 was also the fifth warmest month ever recorded and the second hottest ever recorded when considering just land temperatures. There were also no record cold areas during the month. So does it make sense to you then that we should be considering pulling out of the Paris climate agreement?
  • From the desert city of Tucson we travel to the South of the USA with a review of Arkansas’ second largest city’s online GIS resources, Fort Smith. The online resources of Fort Smith are admittedly quite limited. Their homepage is little more than a landing page to get you to their collection of online maps. The online web map has the ability to turn on a good number of layers as well as print to PDF. We could not find a way to access the raw GIS files but perhaps an email to the GIS department (found on the homepage) would do the trick.

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