Posted on March 6th, 2018

Apollo News Snippets – March 2018

  • Yellowstone National Park was established March 1, 2872 and in honor of this event, my Google search of the month was, “Yellowstone National Park and GIS.” If you look through the multiple results you get, you might find this research paper by Meyer and Youngs where they look at changes in the park over time. By combining a variety of approaches, including the use of historical photographs, the researchers were able to ‘map’ changes in the cultural landscape of the park since the 1800’s.
  • From a rather robust website we featured last month for Aurora, Illinois, we stay in the Midwest for the March review of the GIS resources of the second largest city in Indiana, Fort Wayne. And while the Fort Wayne’s GIS website is little more than just a holding place for two collections of utility maps in PDF format, the online webmap that is also linked here is surprisingly robust – with a number of image dates and tons of vectors layers to add. What is missing from the Fort Wayne webmap and/or website is a way to download the underlying raster and vector GIS files.

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