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Posted on July 9th, 2024

Apollo News Snippets – July 2024

Germany and Austria had their warmest spring seasons on record since the 1800’s. South America, the Caribbean region, Europe and other places recorded their warmest May on record. A heatwave in India and Pakistan pushed temperatures above 118 degrees, which led to reduced water supplies and many deaths. (Image Credit: March 2024 NOAA Global Climate Report)
  • The Global Climate Report for May 2024 has been released by NOAA and reveals further proof that climate change is a concern. The May global surface temperature was the warmest May on record and the 48th consecutive May since 1977 where temperatures were above the 20th Century average. The Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere both ranked May 2024 as the warmest May on record. Record warm temperatures spread across numerous continents in May 2024 and a prolonged heatwave brought numerous all-time record high temperatures in Mexico that led to dozens of fatalities and numerous wildlife deaths.
  • Independence Day conjures up images of fantastic fireworks filling the sky, patriotic parades and backyard picnics brimming with burgers and hot dogs. Also called the Fourth of July, this US national holiday marks the historic date in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress. In honor, our Google search of the month, “GIS and Independence Day,” produced helpful results. The city of St. Louis was able to host a safer Independence Day celebration in 2001 thanks to GIS technology. There’s also a map that shows what states allow full-blown fireworks, which ones have complete bans and which ones permit fireworks like sparklers. There’s even a map that illustrates which patriotic songs are the most popular in each state. Whichever map you prefer to use for fireworks or singing, be sure and have a safe and festive Fourth of July.
  • We took a look at the online GIS resources for North Charleston, S.C., last month. This month, we’re heading over to Aberdeen, South Dakota, which is the county seat of Brown County and the Hub City of the Dakotas. It’s the third largest city in South Dakota and was established in 1881, named for Aberdeen, Scotland, which was the hometown of Milwaukee Railroad President, Alexander Mitchell. The author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum, lived in Aberdeen from 1888 to 1891. He pulled upon his time spent living in South Dakota to craft his description of Kansas in the book. He owned Baum’s Bazaar, a variety store, and published the Saturday pioneer while living in Aberdeen, according to the city. We found an easy-to-navigate GIS website linked below for you to check out – with one glaring missing component, that being GIS file downloads:
    Aberdeen, SD, GIS Website
    Aberdeen, SD, GIS Contacts
    Aberdeen, SD, GIS Web App
    Aberdeen, SD, GIS Map Collections
    Aberdeen, SD, GIS Direct Downloads – none available

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