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Posted on July 9th, 2024

Free For All – The Lost Universe, NASA’s Tabletop Role-Playing Game Adventure

If you’re a fan of Table Top Role Playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and a space enthusiast, you’ll love NASA’s new Table Top Role-Playing game, The Lost Universe. In this new D&D-similar game, science and fun are combined. Players embark on a quest to uncover the dark mystery that has come upon the city of Aldastron, a rogue planet of Exlaris.

Download the map of Aldastron to navigate through your adventure. (Credit: NASA)

In The Lost Universe, the researchers in charge of studying the cosmos have disappeared, and the Hubble Space Telescope has completely vanished from Earth’s timeline.

As you embark on the exciting quest and overcome the challenges that come with it, you’ll uncover more secrets about the universe. You can download the instructional booklet for The Lost Universe and a map of the city of Aldastron on the game’s website. There’s also a cool poster you can add to your collection.

So, if you’re looking for a new, exciting, fun, and educational game to add to your catalogue of Tabletop Role-Playing games, head on over to the game’s page, download your documents, and set your sails for the remarkable wonders of Exlaris! Where you can embark on the epic quest of uncovering the mystery of the disappearing researchers and the vanished Hubble Telescope.

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