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Posted on February 4th, 2020

Apollo News Snippets – February 2020

Other than the continental USA and some small pockets around the globe here and there, 2019 was a very warm year, particular in the northern Artic region.
  • With the end of 2019, NASA took a break from their regular monthly Global Climate Reports to look at the climate in the past year. While the link here is a bit different than the typical format we reference, it is full of useful data and graphs. 2019 shapes up to be the second warmest year on record with temperatures 0.98°C (or 1.8°F) above their 20th Century Average. Slide 17 is perhaps one of the most intriguing in the collection as it ties global climate change to natural disasters and their economic impact. If Trump is really the economic genius he promises to be, perhaps he should take note of Slide 17 and start preparing for and mitigating global climate change.
  • With the welcoming of February also comes our annual prediction of late winter weather and in memory of this ‘metrological’ event, my Google search of the month was, “Groundhog and GIS.” And yep as you might have guessed, we found an excellent thesis on the topic by Elizabeth Watson of the University of Illinois where she examines the relationship between urbanization and groundhog survival rates. By combining GIS and in-field studies, she arrives at some intriguing conclusions – check out her paper now!

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