Posted on August 5th, 2014

Apollo News Snippets – August 2014

A list of the world’s deadliest animals. Maybe our fear of sharks is a bit out of line with the facts presented here? (Graphic Credit: The Bill Gates Blog)
  • Have you ever stopped and considered what are the world’s deadliest animals? Well, admittedly, before I saw this icongraphic put together by Bill Gates, I hadn’t either! If you give the list a quick look over, I think you will find some interesting factoids.
  • It’s summer time and that means baseball, cotton candy and unfortunately tornadoes, so this month I Googled, “GIS and tornadoes.” The results of this search were extensive and one of the better studies was completed by Mitchel Stimers of Kansas State University. In this paper, Stimers examined the placement and coverage of early warning sirens for tornadoes. The conclusions of this paper make me wonder if more counties in Tornado Alley need to replicate this approach.
  • From the great state of Maryland, we head up the Atlantic coastline to Massachusetts’ largest city, Boston, for a look at their online GIS resources. First the good news, Boston has a wide variety of online thematic maps that can be accessed here. The maps feature layers that can be toggled on and off so that you can create your own customized displays. The bad news is that the shapefiles and rasters used to make these online maps do not appear to be readily downloadable. The website mentions that all of this data is free to the public so I would assume that submitting a request at this website should get you the raw data files you need!

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