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Posted on January 5th, 2012

Apollo Mapping Joins the RapidEye Reseller Network

Apollo Mapping is pleased to announce our most recent partnership with a leader in the high resolution satellite imagery market, RapidEye. The RapidEye constellation of five satellites delivers imagery with 5 meter pixels, catalogs more than 4 million square kilometers (sq km) of earth every day and has already amassed an archive of nearly 3 billion sq km. Each satellite produces data in 5 spectral bands: blue, green, red, near-infrared and red edge. The red edge band is valuable for spectral analysis, particularly for those working on vegetation studies as it is a reliable indicator of plant health. With a daily revisit capability and a 77-km wide footprint, RapidEye is the obvious choice for regional-scale projects as well as site monitoring.

Our reseller agreement with RapidEye allows us sell data to clients anywhere on the globe. We are also happy to announce these important changes which will improve your experience working with RapidEye’s high resolution imagery:

  • A 25% discount is available for the first $25,000 of all academic orders.
  • Country-wide coverage options feature up-to-date 5-meter imagery.
  • The minimum order size is now 500 sq km for archived data (since February, 2008) and 3,500 sq km for satellite tasking.
  • Fixed pricing in US Dollars ($) per sq km is now available.

If you would like Apollo Mapping to quote your next project using RapidEye imagery, let us know at or (303) 993-3863.

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