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Posted on December 7th, 2021

An Update on the 30-cm 6-Band Pléiades Neo Constellation

Top: The Mera Glacier in Nepal as seen by 30-cm Pléiades Neo. (Image Credit: Airbus)
Bottom: 30-cm Pléiades Neo captured the Dubai World Expo in all its colorful glory. (Image Credit: Airbus)

Pléiades Neo, the newest editions to the ever-widening field of satellite imagery, made its commercial debut this month to mixed results. The quality of the imagery delivered is as advertised, with crisp 30-cm pixels. However, Airbus is still ramping up their operations and few tweaks are still being made to the metadata to make it completely usable in all software products. Unfortunately, we have already experienced a few data usability issues and are working with Airbus to correct these issues as soon as possible.

Everyone is working hard to incorporate the highly anticipated, high-resolution constellation into their systems, but it could be a few more weeks before some of them are up to speed. Never fear! We’ve managed to find a way to load the data and deliver to our clients with a little finagling and a lot of trial and error.

Airbus is helping us through issues with ordering, limited file types and non-standard band combinations. As they say, a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor, so we press on. Please hang in there. We’ll figure it out and are expecting to see several improvements real soon.

Despite the issues we have faced, the images we’ve ordered looked as good as the samples that taunted us for weeks. We look forward to offering Pléiades Neo products and hope to work out all the kinks as two more satellites are added to the constellation in 2022.

(Article updated 12/7/2021, 11:54AM Central)

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