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Posted on July 6th, 2021

An Update on 30-cm Pleiades Neo Plus New Image Samples!

Sample imagery of the Tucson, AZ airport taken by Pleiades Neo in 30-cm resolution. (Image Courtesy: Airbus)

Earlier this year, the first satellite in the Pleiades Neo constellation was successfully launched by Airbus, boasting 30-centimeter (cm) resolution and six multispectral bands. The first sample images from the satellite delivered on all their promises of crisp, high-quality data. Beginning in the Fall of 2021, we expect Pleiades Neo imagery to be ready for commercial sale. Airbus has shared stunning new 30-cm resolution images of New York and its ports. The image of the Tucson airport shows impressive detail and crisp lines in the buildings and cars. Even the high off-nadir image of the Colosseum in Rome has remarkable clarity and beautiful colors. Stay tuned for more information and updates as we get closer to the end of the year.

A high off-nadir image of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, showing off its impressive architecture while still maintaining a quality product. (Image Courtesy: Airbus)

If you have any questions about the new 30-cm Pleaides Neo constellation, send us an email at

Boats, islands and buildings are displayed in remarkable detail in New York, NY in this 30-cm Pleaides Neo sample image. (Image Courtesy: Airbus)
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