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Posted on May 5th, 2020

5-band 3-meter PlanetScope Now Available & Searchable on Image Hunter + Last 5-meter RapidEye Image Ever Collected!

As many of you have heard already, the 5-meter (m) 5-band RapidEye constellation was retired in March 2020 by Planet. While we are always sad to see a constellation go offline, we were equally excited to see Planet announce the availability of 3-m PlanetScope with a new fifth band, that being red edge! So as RapidEye is retired, new SuperDoves are stepping in to fill the void of regional-coverage red edge satellite imagery, and with the added bonus of 3-meter resolution!

Speaking of 5-m RapidEye data, we feature a bittersweet image here as it is the last one collected by the constellation and boy it’s a pretty one! Collected on March 26, 2020 over the northwestern coast of New Caledonia, the first sample here is a low resolution overview of the most cloud-free portion of this data over the city of Voh and Chasseloup Bay.

This 5-meter RapidEye data was collected over New Caledonia on March 26, 2020 and is the last image ever collected by the constellation. (Image Courtesy: Planet)

The second is a full-resolution view of the reef, Grand Récif de Gatope, which is just to the south-west of the bay.

As you might expect, new 5-band 3-m PlanetScope imagery is already searchable in Image Hunter! Just head to the image filters located in the collapsible menu on the left of your screen, then press the Select Datasets button and the Planet submenu. From here you can see all of searchable Planet products, including 5-band PlanetScope (listed as PS SuperDove OrthoTile). Currently, 5-band PlanetScope imagery is only available in the ortho tile product format.

Oh and of course, you might be thinking about pricing – and as an added bonus, there is no additional cost for 5-band PlanetScope imagery! If you are interested in a current price list that includes 3-meter PlanetScope imagery, send us an email at and we will get right back to you. You can also check out additional product specification and full-resolution samples of PlanetScope imagery here.

A short video showing you how to find 5-band SuperDove PlanetScope satellite imagery in Image Hunter.

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