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Posted on July 6th, 2021

Your Imagery Work Break – 2019 Lollapalooza

We love maps.

We love imagery.

We love work breaks.

We hope you like them as well!

Summer is in full affect here in the United States and the Western Hemisphere so take advantage of these warm months by getting outside for a quick walk around the block! But before you head out on that work break, take a few seconds to gander this 30-centimeter WorldView-3 image collected over Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois on July 30, 2019. And why is this date important, well as you can see in the images, the preparations for the 2019 edition of Lollapalooza were nearing completion. This annual, 4-day music festival started touring the United States in 1991 (with a break from 1997 to 2003) and since 2005 it has called Chicago’s Grant Park home. The last in-person edition of Lollapalooza was held from August 1 to the 4, 2019 and was frequented by some 400,000 visitors. After moving to an online platform last year during the COVID-19 crisis, Lollapalooza is set to move back to an in-person event this year; and it will require either a negative COVID test 24 hours prior to the event or a valid vaccination card. Seems like a little jab or two is well worth it for the finer parts of life again – go get vaccinated folks!

Have a great rest of your workday!

(Image Courtesy: DigitalGlobe. Processed by Apollo Mapping for improved color accuracy and clarity.)

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