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Our Changing Landscape – Typhoon Haiyan

Posted on January 7th, 2014

In this monthly feature, we span the globe to examine Our Changing Landscape with time series of medium resolution RapidEye satellite imagery. The RapidEye archive dates back to late 2008 and already contains more than 4 billion square kilometers of data. This month, we look at the disaster left in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan over Tacloban, Philippines. The RapidEye Constellation Click on the image above to see an animation of 5-meter natural color RapidEye imagery collected over Tacloban, Philippines before (6/30/2012) and after (11/11 and 11/30/2013) Typhoon Haiyan. In this image, you can see destruction to both human-made structures and the natural environment. (Images Courtesy: RapidEye) Now click on the image above to see an animation of 5-meter RapidEye imagery from the coast of Tacloban. In these images, you can see that a huge area of human-made structures were destroyed. And then you can also see the recovery being staged in the November 30th image. (Images Courtesy: RapidEye) RapidEye is a constellation of five 5-meter medium resolution satellites each offering five spectral bands of information. The RapidEye constellation offers a daily revisit time to every location on the planet with a huge footprint that is 77-km wide. The data … testContinue reading

Post Typhoon Haiyan EROS B Imagery of Tacloban, Philippines

Posted on December 3rd, 2013

The destruction and human suffering left in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan is stark and tragic. Slamming into southern Philippines with winds recorded at 194 miles per hour and a storm surge approximately 17-feet tall, Haiyan laid waste to nearly everything in its path. One of the hardest hit cities was the regional capital on the island of Leyte, Tacloban, with a population of 215,000+. At the time this article was written, Haiyan had been blamed for nearly 4,000 deaths with more than 1,600 still officially missing. Just several days after the landfall of Haiyan on November 7, 2013 over the Philippines, the ~70-cm panchromatic satellite, EROS B, collected low cloud-cover imagery over the most devastated areas of Tacloban. ImageSat, the owners of EROS B, shared this data with us and our readers of The Geospatial Times. As there was no pre-typhoon EROS B imagery available, we selected three areas with extreme damage to feature in this short piece. Each of these images were collected on November 13, 2013 at 68-cm resolution. We enhanced each to make them as crisp as possible. In the first image, you can see three large ships (each well over 20-meters long) that were washed … testContinue reading

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