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Free For All – Grand Canyon Street View

Posted on March 7th, 2013

Taking a stroll on the Bright Angel Trail using Grand Canyon Street View. (Credit: Google Maps) Google Maps goes off road in their most recent venture to map the Grand Canyon. Their team suited up with backpack mounted cameras and went a-hiking the Canyon. The apparatus strapped to their backs is called the Street View Trekker or just Trekker for short. Trekker is said to be great for hard to reach places and is easy to maneuver, imagine R2D2 in a backpack. Google imaged the main Grand Canyon trails on the south rim with the help of 10 Google employees and 5 trekkers. The trails were covered over a 3 day period include the Bright Angel Trail, South Kaibab, South Rim and they picked up the Meteor Crater just outside of the National Park. The imagery in the walkthroughs is beautiful, having never hiked the Canyon myself it’s amazing to be able to experience this national treasure to some degree. You can access the Grand Canyon Street View and all of its trails here. Katie Nelson Geospatial Ninja (303) 718-7163 [email protected]

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