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12-meter WorldDEM Product Availability – A Monthly Update: WorldDEM DTM Data is Ready for Production!

For three years, Airbus’ twin high-resolution radar satellites, TerraSar-X and TanDEM-X, imaged the entire land surface of our planet multiple times to create the first ever global 12-meter (m) elevation model. Referred to as WorldDEMTM, this data is ideal for … Read more

The Pléiades 1 Stadium of the Month – Great Strahov Stadium

This month we jump back over the “great pond” from the United States to the Czech Republic, for this stop on Pléiades 1 Stadium of the Month: Great Strahov Stadium. Name & Its Origin: In its native tongue of Czech, … Read more

High Resolution Imagery Collections – Pléiades 1 – India & Surrounding Nations, January to March 2015

In this monthly piece, we give our readers a sense of the high-resolution imagery coverage collected over a geography during a specified window. To do this, we pick a high resolution satellite, a defined time period and area of interest, … Read more

Monthly Update on SPOTMaps – 1.5-meter Mosaics are Being Released Monthly!

In this monthly article, we provide details on updates to Airbus Defense and Space GEO’s SPOTMaps product. SPOTMaps is an orthorectified 2.5-meter (m) and now 1.5-m natural color imagery layer with coverage over more than 110 countries – totaling an … Read more

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