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Posted on November 4th, 2014

Sales of WorldView-3 Imagery Commence – Pricing and New Collection Details

Apollo Mapping is pleased to announce that starting in October, sales of high-resolution satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-3 commenced! Launched in mid-August, WorldView-3 is the most technologically advanced satellite the world has ever seen, featuring 29 bands of spectral data as well as resolution up to 31-centimeters (cm). For those of you who have not heard of WorldView-3, here is a summary of the its key specifications:

    • Spectral Bands
      • Panchromatic
      • 8-band multispectral (coastal, blue, green, yellow, red, red edge, NIR-1 and NIR-2)
      • 8-band shortwave infrared (SWIR)
      • 12-band CAVIS (corrects for Clouds, Aerosols, Vapors, Ice and Snow)
    • Sensor Resolution
      • At nadir – 31-cm panchromatic, 1.24-meter (m) multispectral, 3.7-m SWIR and 30.0-m CAVIS
      • 20° off-nadir – 34-cm panchromatic, 1.38-m multispectral, 4.1-m SWIR and ~33-m CAVIS
    • Dynamic Range
      • 11-bits, panchromatic and multispectral)
      • 14-bits, SWIR and CAVIS
    • Footprint Width
      • 13.1 kilometers (km; at nadir)
    • Single Pass Maximum Collection Geometry (at 30° off-nadir)
      • Mono – 66.5 km x 112 km (5 strip wide)
      • Stereo – 26.6 km x 112 km (2 pairs wide)
    • Daily Collection Capacity
      • 680,000 sq km
    • Georeferenced Horizontal Accuracy
      • < 3.5-m CE90 (global average, dependent on terrain)

Along with the exciting announcement that WorldView-3 sales are to start in October, here are several additional changes to take note of with regards to DigitalGlobe satellite imagery offerings:

Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation played an integral role in the construction and launch of DigitalGlobe’s advanced high-resolution satellite, WorldView-3.
      1. There is a new price list available for 30-cm satellite imagery products offered by DigitalGlobe. Please email the Apollo Mapping sales team at for additional details on these new prices.
      2. 30-cm WorldView-3 products will not be available until Q1 2015. Please check our monthly newsletter, The Geospatial Times, for details on exactly when 30-cm products will be made available.
      3. 40-cm and 50-cm tasking requests for WorldView-3 only will be subject to the new 30-cm resolution pricing table.
      4. New collections at 30-cm resolution will have regional prices dependent on the country that is being tasked. We can tell you more about the regional prices to expect if you email us at

If you have any questions about sales of WorldView-3 data and/or the new pricing to take effect for 30-cm DigitalGlobe imagery products, please send us an email at

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