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Posted on January 4th, 2022

Pléiades Neo Update – Our First 30-cm Samples!

30-cm Pléiades Neo provides unprecedent detail and coverage of our changing world. (Images Credit: © Airbus DS 2022)

Airbus’ 6-band 30-cm Pléiades Neo constellation keeps delivering new, breathtaking images of our world. Crisp edges, deep colors and fine details are the hallmarks of their 30-cm resolution imagery. The quality and resolution of Pléiades Neo gives aerial imagery a run for its money. Unlike aerial imagery, Neo is on its way to amassing an impressive archive, imaging locations that are often out of reach for airplanes and drones. The 30-cm Neo constellation is perfect for tracking construction sites, new developments and rural/urban change with its one-two punch of high-resolution imagery and frequent revisits. Once the last two satellites are added to the constellation, Pléiades Neo will be an unstoppable four-satellite force in the imaging industry. 

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