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Posted on July 17th, 2012

Free For All – Pléiades Toolkit

Pléiades 1A is up and running, collecting new 50-cm high-resolution imagery and accepting tasking orders. But what are you going to do once you get your brand spankin’ new data? Have no fear! The Exelis Code Library has you covered. You can download their Pléiades toolkit for ENVI 4.8/5.0 here.

The toolkit has directions whether you are using ENVI 4.8 or 5.0 and is easy-as-pie to install. Once you have the toolkit in the right folder, you will have access to the Pléiades add-on the next time you start up ENVI. You will be able to open a single Pléiades 1A image or tiled mosaic from the File menu. You can also orthorectify a Pléiades 1A image with or without ground control.

Open an external Pléiades 1A file with ENVI.

The Code Library once again saves the day, making our remote sensing lives easier and rescuing us from hours of frustration.

Katie Nelson

Geospatial Ninja

(303) 718-7163

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