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Posted on March 3rd, 2020

Nighttime Jilin-1 Satellite Imagery – Nantes, France

Launched and operated by CG Satellite, meet Jilin-1, the only world’s only high-resolution, color satellite constellation collecting nighttime imagery. Offered at 92-centimeter (cm) resolution, nighttime imagery from Jilin-1 is the ideal solution for a plethora of problems only now solvable by this satellite constellation, including:

  • Light pollution studies
  • Population estimates
  • Detection of burnt out street and building lights
  • Measurement of short-term disturbances in power delivery caused by natural disasters
  • Change detection
  • Monitoring of illegal nighttime fishing
  • Modeling of anthropogenic carbon emissions

In this perhaps brief series focused on nighttime 92-cm Jilin-1 satellite, we feature new image samples as well as filters that can highlight different details or change the use case of the data. For March, our Jilin-1 nighttime imagery sample was collected over Nantes, France on November 15, 2018 (Image Courtesy: CG Satellite). The first two images are static JPEGs and they have been processed by Apollo Mapping for improved clarity, reduced noise and enhanced brightness. The final sample here is an animation where the first image has a filter and dampened contrast applied to help count brighter lights. The second image is much brighter and less noise has been filtered out, leaving behind duller lights as well as the cone of light cast by each fixture.

Jilin-1 Specifications Summary

If you are new 92-cm color, nighttime Jilin-1 satellite imagery, here is a summary of its key specifications:

  • Imagery Resolution – 92-cm (at nadir), imagery delivered at native ground sampling distance (GSD)
  • Spectral Bands – blue, green and red
  • Approximate Equatorial Nighttime Imaging Time – 22:30 local time, Video 3/7/8; 0:00 local time, Video 4/5/6
  • Average Revisit Frequency –3 days, varies by off-nadir and latitude
  • Dynamic Range – 8-bits
  • Footprint Dimensions – 11 kilometers (km) x 4.5 km, Video 3 satellite; 19 km x 4.5 km, Video 4/5/6/7/8 satellites
  • Imaging Blackout Dates – varies by maximum North or South latitude, feasibility available with submission of project polygon

If you are interested in samples of Jilin-1 or additional specifications, you can check out our website here. And if you would like a price list that includes Jilin-1 nighttime imagery pricing or need help pricing out a specific project, send us an email anytime at

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