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Posted on October 6th, 2020

New High-Resolution Imagery in Image Hunter – Color 90-cm OVS-3!

Apollo Mapping is on a roll, adding new satellites to our already extensive archive on Image Hunter. Our newest addition – which is the 53rd dataset in Image Hunter – is Orbita Video Satellite-3 (OVS-3) operated by Orbita Aerospace. With 90-cm color resolution, OVS-3 fills a gap in the commercial sector for near 1-meter imagery.

OVS-3 offers natural color imagery, and its video collection capability sets it apart from its competition. Natural color video is collected at 90-cm with 25 frames per second (fps). With near 1-meter resolution, OVS-3 is deal for mapping and monitoring projects as it is an affordable solution for large-scale collections and your video needs.

A 90-cm color OVS-3 image collected over Famagusta, Cyprus on June 30, 2020. This image has been processed by Apollo Mapping for improved image clarity and enhanced colors. (Image Courtesy: Orbita Aerospace)

Here is a quick summary of OVS-3’s most unique features:

  • Sensor Resolution:
    • At nadir – 90-cm
    • 20° off-nadir – 96-cm
    • 35° off-nadir – 1.11-m
  • Spectral Band Wavelength Range: (in nm)
    • Blue – 422 to 507
    • Green – 495 to 596
    • Red – 581 to 684
  • Dynamic Range:
    • 10-bits (mono)
    • 8-bits (video)
  • Footprint Width: 5 km x 2,500 km (mono; width x length), 4.5 km x 2.7 km (video)
  • Maximum Collection Geometry: 45° off-nadir
  • Daily Collection Capacity: 144,000 sq km (mono); 120 seconds (video)

A more detailed OVS-3 specification table as well as more full resolution samples can be found here.

If you are interested in an OVS-3 video sample, you can download it from our sample page. And if you have any specific pricing requests, additional questions or would like a new price list with OVS-3 data added in, send us an email at!

You can search for OVS-3 coverage 24-hours a day by using Image Hunter.

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