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Posted on November 1st, 2016

Map Mavin – Product Launch Is Close!

Sometimes fixing bugs takes a bit longer than you hoped but we are moving along with Map Mavin and hope to be ready for launch very soon! Would you like to be part of the initial group of Map Mavin users? If so, let us know by email at

For now, you can check out this new video put together by Fletcher about one of Map Mavin’s unique features, Screen Share:

While we are busy readying Map Mavin for launch, now is a great time to tell you a bit more about our soon-to-launch web mapping service.

Some of you may have used other GIS cloud services in the past, and in many ways the Map Mavin will be similar to these. But the Map Mavin will distinguish itself in a variety of important manners. Here are the key features that will make unique Map Mavin unique.


We’re here to help give meaning to your data. With Map Mavin, you can share your data with whomever you’d like, whenever you’d like, from whatever device you’d like. Backed up by redundant and distributed Amazon S3 servers, you can rest assured you’ll never lose your hard work. Plus, we’re versatile: Map Mavin accepts a wide variety of data formats, including shapefiles, KMLs and KMZs, GeoTIFFs and geodatabases. You can easily download your data anytime with our handy, high – speed export features. Share it or protect it — you have complete access and control with Map Mavin.


After you upload your data to Map Mavin, the real fun begins. Our easy – to – navigate web interface allows you unlimited power to give your data impact and meaning. Using our secure, robust GIS cloud, you can even use the same data to create unique maps shared with different users or teams — just like creating different playlists sourced from the same music library. Keep it private or public, it’s your choice – the possibilities are infinite.


Creating and sharing a map is one thing, but with Map Mavin, your whole team can collaborate and connect in real time. Once you invite users to a map, you can start making informed decisions together based on your data and needs. Within this new geographical context, you can reach important decisions easily — such as where to put a road, where to send doctors or even as simple as where to go for a hike. And with our real-time collaboration mode, you can chat with your peers or lead an all – user meeting from anywhere in the world. Included at no extra cost, you can have all hands on deck to make your web maps the best they can be.

Get Started

We like to think of ourselves as the Robin Hoods of GIS — and we believe that quality map – making software should be accessible to everyone! After all, faint-worthy contracts never won fair lady. We’re not fans of contracts that force you to pay for a product you don’t use, so we made our service month – to – month and contract free. With affordable pricing and flexibility unheard of in the GIS industry, we want to help you create meaningful, impactful maps that give you the power to make informed decisions — whether it’s for a critical medical project in another country, or a new neighborhood to raise your kids.

Do you have any specific questions you would like answered about the Map Mavin? If so, let us know by email at

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