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Posted on January 10th, 2017

Map Mavin Methods – December – Sharing Your Maps and Data

In this edition of Map Mavin Methods, we’ll take a more in-depth look at the ways you can share your data and maps. There are several ways to do this, and while many have been mentioned here and there in past articles, we thought it best to do a full article that explains each of them all in one place.

The way you go about sharing a map depends on several factors, namely whether or not you want the map to be private or public; and whether or not the users with whom you wish to share the web map with are already part of Map Mavin or are external users. Now let’s break down each of these scenarios step by step.

In our December edition of Map Mavin Methods we show you the various ways that you can share both public and private web maps.

Sharing a Private Web Map

If you want to limit who can access your web map, we’ve got you covered! Start by clicking on the My Web Maps tab. From there, hover over the map in question and click the Share Web Map icon (it is four icons to the right and looks like three people standing in a group). Clicking this icon brings you the Share Web Map screen, which presents you with three sharing options. If you’d like to invite users who are already existing users, click the Add Users dropdown. If you have connected with a user before, their name will appear as an option in this box. After picking the users you’d like to invite to your map, you have the option to change the subject of the email that they receive as well as change or replace the pre-written email text. Once you feel you have your invitation customized to your liking, simply click the Send Internal Invitations button.

To share a private map with external users, the process is essentially the same. Use the Invite New Users box off to the right on this same screen. The only difference here is that rather than selecting names of existing users from a dropdown menu, you will instead manually enter the email addresses of those who you’d lie to invite. Once your invite list is ready, the process is the same: click Send External Invitations and the invitations will automatically be sent out.

Sharing a Public Map

Sharing a public map is just as easy as sharing a private one. The options that were described above are still available to you, but if you’d like an even easier method, you can simply copy and paste the generated Shareable URL and send it to whomever you wish to see the map. That link will take anyone in the world to your map with the click of a mouse.

NOTE: Some users may ask how to make sure a map is public or private. Changing the privacy status of a map is painless and requires a quick change. To change a map from private (the default status) to public, click the Settings icon next to the map’s name in the My Web Maps section (the icon looks like a small gear). From here, scroll down to Password Protection and uncheck the box titled “Check for username and password protection”. Likewise, recheck this box if you would like to switch a public map back to being private.

If you have any questions that were not answered by this article or in general about Map Mavin, check out our support page at Also feel free to reach out to Fletcher Berryman with direct questions at

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