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Posted on March 5th, 2019

Map Mavin Methods – Choropleth Continued

This isn’t the first time we’ve highlighted our choropleth styling tool in Map Mavin Methods. After some extensive reworking and added functionality, we are revisiting the topic to give you an update. Choropleth mapping is a powerful and effective way to compare data in a thematic map. Whether you’re looking at population density by county or poverty levels by zip code, choropleth maps provide an instant visual representation of data in a map.

See all the new changes to choropleth mapping in action.

With this in mind, we extended the functionality of our choropleth styling. After you’ve uploaded the layer you want to style, go to the Style Editor and click on Choropleth. Choose the attribute whose data you want to display. One new feature is the option to customize the attribute legend label, in case the attribute name isn’t descriptive enough. From there, you can choose from our list of pre-set color ramps in the drop-down menu. Then select a color for datasets that have no data.

The biggest addition to the tool is the ability to manually set your own colors and styles for each stop value. You can even change the outline color and add custom labels. Enjoy!

Katie Nelson
Geospatial Ninja
(303) 718-7163

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