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Posted on December 6th, 2016

Map Mavin Methods – Available User Roles

Welcome back to our ongoing series, Map Mavin Methods, where we detail various features of our new web mapping platform, Map Mavin. Last month, we learned about our Screen Share feature, with which users can simultaneously view the same data and watch edits take place live on their screens with other users across the globe. In this edition, we’ll take a look at the different types of users one can create in Map Mavin, the abilities that each type has and the value that having different levels of permissions granted to users of the service.

Overview – Available User Roles

With one of the standout features of Map Mavin being the ability to collaborate with other users in groups to share information and maps across our platform, one of the first questions a person might ask is, “How do I know my data is secure?” With the inherent sensitivity of information being stored and viewed online, we’ve developed a simple yet effect pyramid of three user types to make sure that security is ensured without compromising the ease of access to data.

Since a user may be part of multiple groups and involved in more than one project at once, we’ve made sure that the login process stays easy no matter what you may be working on. Regardless of which project a user would like to login into and view, the username and password will always be the same. This way a user can jump between various tasks and even organization roles without the hassle of needing a special key or other requirements to enter into a given session.

Now let’s take a look at the three “available roles” that users can take on in Map Mavin.

In our November edition of Map Mavin Methods, we’ll break down the different types of users available and explain the varying levels of permission and access to data that each level is granted.

Breakdown of Differences Between User Types

Admin – In Map Mavin, admins are permitted the highest level of access to a Map Mavin account. As an admin, one can upload data, create web maps, delete accounts and change credit card information.

Sub-Admin – Sub-admins have the same access as do admins except they cannot delete accounts nor change credit card information. This distinction is valuable in that it allows for multiple users in leadership positions at an organization to make meaningful changes and contributions to projects without there being a concern of credit card information being accessible to everyone involved.

User – Finally, the “user” level is only permitted to open and view maps that have been shared with them. The value of this more restricted role is far-reaching. For example, simple user accounts are perfect for sharing maps with individuals who may be at other organizations that are collaborating on the same project but who should not be able to see personal information or any data beyond that which is specific to the task at hand.

As we’ve learned in this article and this month’s video, making sure that your data is easily available while guaranteeing security is quick and painless with Map Mavin. Better yet, a quick breakdown of the permissions available to each user is featured in clear and concise text in the Manage Users section of the Map Mavin platform. Stay tuned for more updates on Map Mavin as we near our first full release!

For any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to:

Fletcher Berryman
Cloud Tamer
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