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Posted on March 7th, 2013

Image Hunter – Now Searches Pléiades 1, SPOT 4 and SPOT 5 Data

Have you had a chance to test out our online imagery search engine, Image Hunter?

If not, give it a test drive now as all orders placed with Image Hunter will receive a 5% discount!

We are very excited to announce that the high resolution satellites, Pléiades 1A and 1B and the medium resolution satellites SPOT 4 and SPOT 5 have been added to Image Hunter. With the addition of the Pléiades 1 constellation, you can now preview and order data from ever sub-meter multispectral satellite that is commercially available. We are excited about this change as it will save our Apollo Mapping clients significant time searching for and ordering both high and medium resolution satellite imagery.

Image Hunter can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is a one-stop shop for every major source of medium and high resolution satellite imagery on the market today, including:

  • WorldView-2
  • QuickBird
  • WorldView-1
  • GeoEye-1
  • The Pléiades 1 constellation
  • SPOT 4 and 5

If any of our readers have struggled with other geospatial search engines that are clunky; only query one data source; and/or do not provide preview images, then Image Hunter is the solution to your woes, as it features:

  • Near-instantaneous loading of low resolution preview imagery with associated collection date and key metadata.
  • The ability to define your area of interest by address and with coordinates, geometric shape or shapefile/KMZ.
  • A responsive base layer with street names and imagery to provide a spatial context when discovering data.
  • Online ordering of satellite imagery from 3 data providers and 7 constellations.
  • Global coverage with tools to measure distance and create annotated maps.

At least once each quarter, we make updates to the functionality of Image Hunter to make your user experience as enjoyable and efficient as possible. This month, we improved the area of interest export to either a KMZ, KML or shapefile. Included in the export now is the area of interest you create, georeferenced footprints of all data in your search as well as low resolution previews.

Image Hunter can be accessed here. If you would like a Quick Start Guide to get up and running, it can be found here. We are excited to find out what you think about Image Hunter and any ideas you might have to improve the user experience – we can be reached anytime at (303) 993-3863 or at with these suggestions.

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