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Posted on September 1st, 2020

Give Our FREE Conversion Website,, a Try!

You might think you’re sneaky and oh so clever, but we’ve caught on to your little game. Under our noses, people are using Image Hunter for all kinds of unintended applications. Now, we’re calling you out and sending you packing to our website,, where you can convert your heart out. Converting between geographic information systems (GIS) file types is a surprise application of Image Hunter so we decided to create a standalone website to better accommodate our customers who use shapefiles (SHP), KMZs, KMLs and GeoJSONs (JSON) and need to convert between them often.

With our website,, you can go to town, converting all of your shapefiles (SHP) into Google’s KMZ or KML formats. And if you’re sitting on a bunch of KMZ and KML files, you can turn them into the open-standard format GeoJSON (JSON) or convert them back to shapefiles to load into a GIS. There’s no limit on how many files you can convert (as long as they are below 10 MBs when zipped); and all of this for the low, low price of free!

Here are a few of the features that make superior to other GIS conversion websites out there:

  • Our website is 100% free as long as your uploaded file is below 10MB. And you can convert as many files as you like per day.
  • We do not gather any contact information, email, etc. to convert shapefiles, KMLs, KMZs and GeoJSONs.
  • We built this website on Google AMP so it loads nearly instantly in Chrome.
  • You can convert point, line and polygon files on – in fact, we even have a way to convert mixed geometry KMZ files.
  • Oh and did we mention the website is 100% free?! J

We hope you find our website,, helpful and it saves you the extra step of going to Image Hunter each time you want to convert between a GIS file format.

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