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Posted on May 1st, 2018

Get A New Price List! Introducing New High-Resolution Satellite Imagery: SkySat, SuperView-1 and TeLEOS-1!

You definitely need a new price list as we have been busier than ever with the steady addition of new satellites to our archive, thanks in no small part to our two rock-star developers who’ve hit the ground running. Our last announcements of new satellite were mostly focused on medium resolution data, so it is with great excitement that we announce the addition of three new high-resolution options to our already unparalleled database of imagery!

An 80-cm color SkySat image collected over New York City, New York, USA on September 4, 2017. This image has been processed by Apollo Mapping for improved clarity and colors. (Image Credit: Planet © 2018)

Apollo Mapping clients meet SuperView-1 and SkySat, with resolutions of 50-centimeters (cm) and 72-cm respectively. Between the two satellites we’ve drastically increased our global coverage in the high-resolution space and have no plans of stopping there.

In fact, we’re also introducing a third satellite option this month, TeLEOS-1, with 1-m resolution and a near equatorial orbit. Why does this matter? As some of you may know, the areas of the world near and on the Equator are quite often the worst places on Earth to find imagery. Consistent cloud cover in tropical areas and persistent haze in others makes finding imagery all the more difficult in the equatorial belt. With the addition of TeLEOS-1, you’ll now have yet another option when searching for imagery in our already unmatched archive!

Here are a few of the key specifications of our three new satellites:


  • Launch Date: 01/02 satellites, December 26, 2016, 03:23 UTC; 03/04 satellites, January 9, 2018, 03:26 UTC
  • Sensor resolution: At-nadir – 50-cm panchromatic & 2-m multispectral (Blue, Green, Red, and NIR)


  • Launch Date: August 19th, 2014
  • Sensor resolution: At-nadir – 72 cm panchromatic & 1-m multispectral (Blue, Green, Red, and NIR)


  • Launch Date: December 16th, 2015
  • Sensor Resolution: At-nadir – 1-m panchromatic
  • Orbital Range: 15N to 15S ­­­­

If you would like to check out additional specifications and image samples from these three satellites, check out our website here.

Do you have more questions about satellite imagery and don’t know where to start? Not to worry! At Apollo Mapping we’re ready and waiting to help you with any project regardless of budget, size and time constraints. Whether you need imagery from ten years ago or ten days ago, we’ve amassed a wide range of imagery options to fit your needs. Shoot us an email at or call us at (303) 993-3863 to find out more.

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