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Posted on July 1st, 2014

Free For All – North Carolina Parcel Data

An example of attributes associated with the parcel layer for Bladen County, North Carolina.

Parcels are a definite commodity in the world of GIS and land planning. In honor of this, here is a pretty straightforward topic for my Free For All: a link to county-level parcel shapefiles for the state of North Carolina. Maintained by the North Carolina State University Libraries, this webpage has a long list of links to county GIS portals as well as a number of direct links to parcel downloads, most of them in shapefile format. You will also find a variety of other spatial datasets on many of these county GIS websites, including road centerlines, orthoimagery and cultural layers. While admittedly the list of links is not 100% inclusive, it is an excellent starting point if you need parcels and other spatial datasets for North Carolina.

Until my next edition of Free For All, happy hunting for free geospatial goodies!

Brock Adam McCarty
Map Wizard
(720) 470-7988

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