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Posted on August 23rd, 2012

Free For All – OpenStreetMap

For all you open source enthusiasts, this month’s Free For All is for you! Esri has a free add-on for editing OpenStreetMap (OSM) using ArcGIS Desktop. OSM is a database of geographic data that is free and shareable. This open source project gives the power to create maps to ordinary people across the globe. People can create and share detailed maps of their local geographies and communities. OSM can be used by anyone, in any fashion since the data is free.

The Esri add-on allows you to download and upload OSM data within an ArcGIS environment. It also includes faster editing with OSM symbology along with a geodatabase schema that is OSM-compatible and can be stored locally. After editing the geographic data, it can be posted back to OSM and made available to other users.

The editor can be used for other OSM projects such as OpenWheelChair, Humanitarian OSM Team and OpenSeaMap. The add-on is easy to install and pop-ups a nice post-install window to help users with their next steps. You can find the download page along with documentation for the ArcGIS Editor for OpenStreeMap add-on here.
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