Posted on June 4th, 2013

Free Imagery Giveaway for Academics!

Have you heard of Greener Maps? If not, check out our new Apollo Mapping side project – it is our better half. Every several months, we will be giving away imagery to those who are helping the world.

Our first giveaway is for academics – the two winners will receive a minimum size orders of archived high resolution satellite imagery. Applications for the contest are due by the end of June with 2-weeks of voting before winners are announced in July. The winner will be based on a combination of votes and academic merit. You can find out more about the academic competition here.


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4 responses to “Free Imagery Giveaway for Academics!”

  1. Jannatun Nahar says:

    As I received the email from Apollo mapping right now so could not enroll before.

    I am currently working in Automated irrigation project as my PhD research under Dr. Sirish L. Shah and Dr. Jinfeng Liu at University of Alberta, Canada where we are exploring the idea of using satellite imagery data for irrigation requirements. Winning this contest and having access to satellite image data for academic research may help us a lot.

    • Admin says:

      Glad to hear this might be helpful Jannatun – you find instructions to apply to the contest on the GreenerMaps.com website.

      Good luck and thanks for the interest!

  2. soetint says:

    please I request for dry zone greening project at Burma Mandalay Meiktila district. I will expect your satellite Imagery gift for me.

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