Posted on September 12th, 2013

Free Imagery Giveaway for Academics Extended!

Have you heard of Greener Maps? If not, check out our new Apollo Mapping side project – it is our better half. Ever so often, we will be giving away imagery to those who are helping the world.

Our first giveaway is for academics – the two winners will receive a minimum size orders of either archived high or medium resolution satellite imagery. The period to submit an application for the contest has now been extended until school starts in Fall 2013. The exact date will be determined once the semester is under way – we apologize for any confusion this may cause! The contest winner will be based on a combination of votes and academic merit. You can find out more about the academic competition here.


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One response to “Free Imagery Giveaway for Academics Extended!”

  1. myo san says:

    Thanks for provides. Actually need for our use.

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