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Posted on October 1st, 2019

Free For All – TripHappy, Plan and Visualize Travel with Ease

For October, our Free for All series dives into the travel industry, looking at tools used to map out future or past travel plans. To bridge the gap between travelers seeking common tourist activities and those who prefer to stay off the beaten path, TripHappy allows users to pick their own future (with a little bit of help, of course). Founded by a member of the Travel Massive community, TripHappy is designed for travelers who like to put a bit of work into planning, rather than having an itinerary handed to them. With access to a Visual Trip Planner and Travel Guide tools, users can move step by step through each stop of their trip, looking at anything from ratings to recommendations all on the same platform.

If you decide to use the Visual Trip Planner, you have the option to save and name your trip as well as include specific travel dates and a description. The online system continuously saves and updates your trip as you add stops. When you enter your first destination in the search bar, you will see that you have the option to “View” the location. Viewing a location lets you dive into trip planning, including transportation, accommodations, recommendations, reviews, prices, weather and more. As you dive deeper into the application, you find that TripHappy has suggestions for your next stop with counts of users who went there next. In addition, the app approximates budgets based on time and even weather forecasts. You can also search for specific locations directly by using the toolbar on the homepage.

TripHappy also offers travel guides for specific locations, regions and countries. These guides are part of each city’s landing page and include suggestions gathered from over 25,000 real user itineraries and reviews. In addition to actual recommendations from other travelers, the site also offers suggestion on where to avoid. Overall, TripHappy is a useful app for an advanced travel planner who is looking to save time by combining services provided on multiple platforms. As an all-inclusive service, the website can be used for initial trip conception all the way through to booking hotels and transportation.

Jake Zatz
Social Media Guru

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