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Posted on March 15th, 2012

Free For All! – Launch Web Map Servers

We have all grown used to seeing imagery incorporated in applications like Google Maps and Bing Maps. When you’re working in ENVI, you may need to reference these applications for road and place names and/or reference imagery. My freebie for the month allows you to open these web map services within ENVI. This is a very easy extension to download, install and start using. You can find the download link, instructions and more information on this free extension here.

Above is a screengrab of the Web Map Service Extension offered by ENVI in their code library.

Once you have downloaded the .DAT and saved it in the proper location, you can launch ENVI. Open the image you are interested in viewing and then navigate to the File drop-down menu and click on Launch Web Map Services. This will bring up a window asking you to select an image, once you do so the web service will launch and automatically take you to the same area as the image loaded in ENVI. You then have a number of applications to choose from, including Google Maps, Bing Maps, Open Street Maps and TerraServer. Finally, you can enter in new coordinates if you want to zoom elsewhere, and this will be applied to all of the maps in a seamless fashion.

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