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Posted on January 10th, 2023

Free For All – Generation Genius

Kids can grow their interest in STEAM activities through DIY experiments that include the whole family. (Credit: Alena Darmel,

Generation Genius is an online resource for teachers and parents that brings science and math standards to life through enjoyable DIY experiments.

Although some of the Generation Genius math and science lessons require you to pay for them, they offer a great selection of free DIY science experiments for kids. The activities range from quick and easy (~15 minutes) to longer experiments (60 minutes or more). The activities are aligned with national math and science standards and are also a whole lot of fun. The lessons appeal to kids of all ages but are specifically geared for learners in grades K-8. Each activity provides an engaging video, a set of user-friendly directions, as well as an explanation for why the experiment works the way it does. Lesson topics include chemical and physical changes, astronomy, weather and ecosystems.

For families interested in more regular science exploration, Generation Genius also offers purchasable monthly science kits, which are delivered straight to your door. These kits include slightly more involved experiments and require adult assistance. These kits might make a fun gift for that special kiddo in your life!

Generation genius is a great tool for both parents and educators, offering easy to follow, enjoyable science activities for kids of all ages. It provides a great avenue for parents and kids to explore science together, hopefully instilling a deep love for STEAM activities in the blossoming generation.

Anne Choquette
Place Princess

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