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Posted on September 13th, 2022

Free For All – Artemis and STEM Education

Join the fictional Callie Rodriguez as she and her robotic sidekick explore the moon.(Credit: NASA)

While the European Space Agency (ESA) is measuring biomass to curb climate change, NASA is colonizing the moon and Mars through their Artemis mission. Of the three pillars, the first two being discovery and economic opportunity, the third is inspiration for a younger generation. To this end, NASA is offering resources for educators, families, and kids to better understand the Artemis mission. Kids can join in a fun comic activity or read an interactive novel depicting the first woman to reach the moon. Families can also build a model SLS rocket or a crew module to keep their astronauts safe on their long journey.

For educators, there’s a hands-on Artemis Camp Experience and math and engineering lesson plans for older students. There’s something for everyone as we anticipate going back to the moon and landing humans on Mars.

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