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Posted on February 28th, 2012

Free For All! – ArcPhoto

Have you ever wanted to annotate your maps with photos or integrate your photos into the ArcGIS framework? This month’s geospatial freebee does just that. ArcPhoto allows you to load your photos into ArcMap as a sidebar. Once there, you can add the photograph’s X and Y location, it even drops in a viewing angle cone so you can see where you took the photo from. If the photo was taken by a device that embeds your location into the image’s metadata – like the iPhone – it will automatically load with the correct location.

The toolbar comes with a very helpful walkthrough along with sample images. Just make sure you’re your map’s base layer is in the same projection/datum as the base imagery that they provide, or else they won’t overlay correctly!

ArcPhoto is perfect for creating guided maps or for annotating ground control points. This toolbar is available here from the ArcGIS Resource Center.

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