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Posted on June 6th, 2023

Free For All – Adventures in Chemistry

Kids can have fun learning about the basics of chemistry thanks to free resources from Adventures in Chemistry. (Credit: MART PRODUCTION)

Adventures in Chemistry is an online website for kids hosted by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Adventures in Chemistry contains a variety of interesting features that help kids think about chemistry. There are selections of free science experiments that explore topics like how heat affects movement speed, how diapers work, and how colors are used in chemistry experiments. On average, the activities take about 30 minutes of hands-on time and are aligned with national math and science standards. Each experiment has a set of PDF directions that can be downloaded for easy access. The directions include materials lists, safety precautions, and explanations about how the experiment works.

Adventures in Chemistry features fun online games, like Bugs on the Run and Outer Space Molecule Chase. While these games may look like play, they teach important chemistry concepts like how temperature can change the speed at which pistons operate, and how atoms combine and bond to make molecules. Kids can also explore the “Secret Science of Stuff,” which explains how cool things around us work, like gum, flames and braces. Adventures in Chemistry also has a link to free educational resources for parents and teachers, providing activities geared towards kids in grades K through 8.

Adventures in Chemistry is a great tool, offering easy to follow, enjoyable science activities and games for kids. This is a great tool to keep in your pocket for the next rainy or snowy day, when your kids are stuck inside! What better way to spend an indoor day than nerding out over some chemistry?!

Anne Choquette
Place Princess

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