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Posted on November 5th, 2019

Featured Product – 2.5-meter/5-meter AW3D Standard DEMs

Click on the image above to see an animated views comparing 2.5-m and 5-m AW3D DEMs over Boston, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C. (C)NTT DATA, RESTEC, Included JAXA

In conjunction with our valued partner, NTT DATA, we are proud to offer 2.5-meter/5-meter (m) AW3D Standard DEM products from an archive covering more than 80% of the world. As an added bonus, you are able to search for AW3D Standard in Image Hunter, making this DEM fast to query, order and deliver.

Produced from an archive of more than 3 million ALOS stereo images, AW3D Standard can be delivered as either a digital surface model (DSM) or a digital terrain model (DTM) at 2.5-m and 5-m resolutions. With average delivery times of 3 weeks or less (even for a DSM), there is no high-resolution elevation model on the market we can get to you quicker.

Here is a summary of the current AW3D Standard specifications which will be updated in the coming months when more testing is completed on the new 2.5-m DEM offering:

Resolution: 2.5-m (also offered at 5-m for a reduced price)
Date of ALOS Images Used: 2006 to 2011
Horizontal and Vertical Accuracy: 5-m LC90 and LE90, or better
Product Levels: level 1 DSM (raw data); level 2 DSM (voids infilled); level 2 DSM (standard); level 3 DTM
Average Delivery Time: 2 to 4 weeks

If you have any pricing requests or additional questions about AW3D Standard DEMs, send us an email at

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