Posted on May 7th, 2019

Featured Product – 15 to 30-Centimeter HxGN Aerial Imagery Data

A 15-cm HxGN Content Program aerial image collected over Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Check out that amazing detail!

While satellite imagery is our jam, for some projects it is admittedly not detailed enough. In these situations, when your polygon is over the United States or Europe, our 15 to 30-centimeter (cm) HxGN aerial imagery could be the ideal solution!

Searchable on Image Hunter and ready for delivery now, keep HxGN aerial imagery on your radar for your next geospatial project. As with our other datasets on Image Hunter, we feature daily updates of HxGN aerial imagery so you can be sure that you get the most up-to-date results every time you search with our system.

Here are the key specifications of the HxGN Content Program aerial imagery offering:

A 30-cm HxGN Content Program aerial imagery collected over Bilbao, Spain. Check out those amazing colors!
  • Imagery Resolution – 15 to 30-cm (8-bit color and CIR layers provided)
  • Geography Covered – Europe and the United States
  • Positional Accuracy –07 to 2.6 meter Circular Error 90% (CE90%)
  • Minimum Sun Angle – 30 degrees
  • Cloud Cover – basically 0%, we challenge you to find a cloud!
  • Camera System – Leica ADS100
  • Start and End Dates – unlikely most aerial datasets, this information is tracked for each image ID
  • Refresh Rate – 4,500,000 square kilometers (sq km) of 30-cm, 200,000 sq km of 15-cm (2018 values and United States only; will vary from year to year)

As an added bonus, the pricing for this 15 to 30-cm aerial imagery will surprise you, we are sure of that! So email us now at if you’d like us to price out HxGN imagery for any projects you may be working on now!

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